PureWeb Spaces for Rhino

Introducing Spaces for Rhino from PureWeb on Vimeo:

Spaces for Rhino® (formerly LaunchPad for Rhino) enables CAD designers and engineers to safely share CAD models with others directly from Rhinoceros. Collaborators navigate to a URL in their browser to view and interact with a live stream of the CAD model.

How does it work? A plug-in installed into your Rhino 6 captures the view of the 3D model and streams it into a browser (Enter “cast” into the command line to start Spaces for Rhino). Sharing your model requires a PureWeb Spaces account. You can invite other users via a URL to your permanent meeting space (part of your PureWeb Spaces account) to view the model and interact with it. Communicate via built-in audio conferencing by clicking the microphone button (available in the browser and Spaces for Rhino plug-in dialog).

The advantage of Spaces for Rhino is that you can stream your models instantly without the need to share the source files or the use of cloud storage solutions. You can share from an environment you are comfortable with and can make ad hoc changes to the model that will be immediately reflected for all collaborators viewing in the browser.

Download Spaces for Rhino from food4Rhino…

"Why we integrated our real-time CAD collaboration platform with Rhino 3D".

Posted Jul 31, 2019 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.