ShapeDiver: What's the logic behind sliders' order?

It would make great sense, IMHO, for ShapeDriver to organize inputs (sliders, value lists, toggles, etc.) by GH canvas groups. For example, if I post the following GH model to SD:

It would be nice to see inputs organized like this:


  • SLIDER: size
  • SLIDER: thickness

GROUP: Ellipse, Rectangle or Custom opening

  • VALUE LIST: (unnamed in this model but should be…)
  • VALUE LIST: (unnamed in this model but should be…)
  • SLIDER: ID_h
  • SLIDER: ID_v
  • SLIDER: rabbet
  • SLIDER: Radius

GROUP: hatch

  • SLIDER: bevel

GROUP: rabbet / “coaming”

  • SLIDER: rabbet width
  • SLIDER: fillet
  • SLIDER: inset
  • etc. (NOTE: some parameter values in the GH model are not surfaced as sliders)

A related issue, though perhaps deserving it’s own thread(?), is why sliders defined as REAL, not INTEGER, are presented by SD as INTEGER sliders? SD clearly knows better since the proper type is displayed when you hover over the slider names. Example: