GH definition - reorder or hide sliders

Hey, I have a lot of sliders in my model, and I upload the model many Times, to test how it works after updating. I would like to have one of two things: either have the possibility which of them to hide by default (based on gh definition), or how to arrange the order of them in grasshopper not to manually reorder them each time in shapediver configure panel

We are working on a reupload feature that will allow users to reupload the same model and keep the existing viewer and parameter settings. This should solve the issue of having to manually reorder/hide the parameters at every upload.
Alternatively, we have been thinking about controlling those settings directly from the Grasshopper canvas, but nothing is concrete yet, and anyways the reupload feature should fix most issues regarding this topic.

Thank you for your answer. Personally I would prefer the second option, so I am able to instantly send the script after exporting it without doing anything, but the first option is also nice