Parameter Order in Shapediver UI

Hi Guys,

I have managed to get a cut down version (~1300 components vs 3400 for full version) of my kitesurfing inflatable design engine working on Shapediver.

Very stoked and really impressed with how the service has come along in the couple of years since I first tried it.

The question I have is how does SD decide on the order parameters are listed in the UI?

I have around 50 parameters in this definition and in my GH I group them in sensible ways.

In SD they appear to be in random order.

Yes I know it is possible to rearrange them, however I lose this order everytime I re upload.

If I could know the logic in the UIs order of parameters I would be happy to change my definition to match.



that would be ideal for me too, as that is what I’ve done in the source code.

But just knowing the relationship between my source and the final UI so I can build to it would be a big step forward.

We will in the future add two features:

  1. Use Grassshopper groups for grouping parameters in the online viewer
  2. Use the position of parameters on the canvas to order the parameters in the viewer as well (from top left to bottom right for example)

In the short term, we will roll out an update to the re-upload feature which will preserve the order of components which you have defined in the online Edit mode. That should already be a time saver for your case. I will let you know when that update is released.

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Hi Mathieu,

That is excellent news on both counts.

I’m looking forward to the coming updates.

Thank you for you/your teams hard work on this amazing product.



Hi Mathieu -

Just FWIW, that’s the way it’s currently being handled by the “in context” mechanism for running GH definitions in the Rhino 7 WIP.

Thanks @wim, we’ll look into it for our Rhino 7 implementation!

Are these updates already working?

We are currently working on the re-upload feature update and it will be released soon. I will let you know once it’s out.

Grouping and positioning of parameters is on the road map and you can expect it in following months.

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Hi guys, any progress on the re upload retaining parameter order?



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I guess not yet.

We are currently working on other features and we haven’t got to this one yet. I will move it up in our priorities list though and I will let you once it’s ready.

Thanks for the update Pavol.

I’m just gonna bump this topic as a reminder. I’ve also added the suggestion to the shapediver upvoting system and it’s now awaiting approval.

Thanks for your feedback. This feature is now in planned platform upgrades for early next year.

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Any update on this feature request?

The release of the plugin upgrade which allows to order parameters in Grasshopper is coming very soon. we have just started testing.


woohoo - best news today

Hi Guys, any update on this? Any chance I could beta test it for you?



Any news on this feature?