Shapediver V3 api calls returing an array of empty objects


Working throughout the api of shapediver v3, the session.parameters returns an array of empty object, I suppose the exports too,
I printed in the console in this codepen example and as well the objects are empty

I will attach a screenshot that help visualze the issue


Is this a bug ?

The attached codepen works well for me. If you go to the console, and type SDV.api, you can comfortably explore the contents of the viewer and session:
In particular, you might notice that there is a single session called mySession, and that it has several parameters indeed:

I suspect that you are missing a piece of the puzzle, if you share a code example or a model for which the issue happens for you, I might be able to help more. In any case, if my comments above clarify things for you, let me know what was not clear earlier so we can improve our documentation.

Hi Mathieu, thank you for your support,
The thing is that I have the same output as you do have,
But for both of us they are empty objects

I am not sure I understand your statement, or if I do I think the scope of your question is more of a general javascript issue.

session.parameters returns a json object whose keys are the ids of the parameters in the model. The value corresponding to each key is itself an object with various fields.

As an example, if I unroll the first key from the previous screenshot I sent, using the tiny arrow on the left, I can access the contents of the corresponding parameter:

Naturally, this is not the most convenient way to find a specific parameter, if you already know what you are looking for. For that purpose, we also have convenience functions.

As an example, if I know that I defined a parameter called “Number of Sections” in my Grasshopper definition (as is the case in the codepen above), I can get its value by calling the getParameterByName function in the session:

Is my answer going in the right direction? Let me know if something remains unclear.

Sorry for the clarifying the issue at the beggining, It is a javascript issue, and I mean in my case when I unroll the json object itself in the console it is empty, As an example I shared in the first screenshot the arrow at the left are collapsed and the content is empty,

For the fact that I am just the developper of the front-end of this project and not the grasshopper author neither the administrator of the shapediver account, I printed session.parameters to the console to check the param array of json objects and check the value, group etc …

Thank you for clarifying the most convinient ways to find specific parameter, Although since the objects exist but in my case don’t get print in the console I will proceed developing,if the issue affects the model or the behavior of the application I will get back to you,