Wordpress and shapediver api

Hi ShapeDiver teams,

I am trying to extract the shapediver api parametrers from a Wordpress embedded shapediver model. website

I am able to use iframe approach to get a response from shapediver API, but there is an Uncaught TypeError when i call api.parameters.get(); from the console.

Is it because api.parameters.get() only available for direct embedding approach?

My ultimate goal is extracting the data from shapediver model’s parameters and showing these data on Wordpress pages.


You have to inspect on the iframe and not the main page. There is a difference. The console shows the output of all frames, but if you want to input a command it has to be in the right frame. Just right-click on the iframe and try again and it will work.

Although just noticed you got some other commands that went through. Hm, curious.

Similar issues were discussed in this Forum thread:

Thanks Seltzdesign.
Right-click the model and inspect it does the trick to access the parameters.