ShapeDiver Platform 2.0 - Open Beta

As you probably know, we have been hard at work on the new version of ShapeDiver. This major update follows our merger with the Swarm project developed by the CORE Studio at Thornton Tomasetti. In collaboration with the CORE team, we have developed a major update to our infrastructure, both in order to support lots of new features but also to improve the performance and flexibility of the data flows throughout our servers.

Today we are thrilled to announce that our new ShapeDiver Platform is ready for a test drive as an Open Beta, and it is our pleasure to invite anyone interested to take part in it, explore some new features and give us your feedback, comments, and bug reports ahead of the public release.

Please note that our ShapeDiver Plugin for Grasshopper is currently being tested as Closed Beta for a few more weeks, therefore it’s not included in this Open Beta. Feel free to apply for an invitation if you’re interested in helping us test it! Simply let us know via our Contact Request button on our website.

To get started simply head to and use your current username and password. This will give you access to our completely new ShapeDiver platform. If you do not have a ShapeDiver account, you’ll first need to create one by heading to

You can still use our legacy platform at any time by heading to as usual. Just bear in mind that once we are done with all this Beta testing process, the legacy platform will be deactivated. For this reason, make sure to let us know which features you really like about our legacy one so they get included in our new one. We’ll let you know how down below.

Read more about the new features included in the new platform beta here!


Hi Mathieu,

‘‘Contact Request button on our website’’, where can I find that? Did you mean ‘‘Talk to Sales’’ by chance?
Or is it the ‘‘Contact’’ button after I’ve logged in? :slight_smile:

Best, Thomas

Any of those will work.