Shameless selfpromotion (done in Rhino)

(Jakob Normand) #1

Hi Group

I’m sorry to go all “spam” on you, but it IS a project done in Rhino - even the graphics, as Rhino is a MUCH better vector graphics editor than Illustrator will ever be :slight_smile: My company - DN Group - currently has a small project on Kickstarter, and we would of course love your support. It’s a series of modern Christmas ornaments called OrnaMENTAL - cool, modern graphics on a simplistic plastic/silicone ball. The entire development has been done in V5, including a bunch of iterations on the open/close mechanism for the hanger - we really loved the UDT tools for that.
Check it out on:

Merry Christmas :smiley:
BR, Jakob


At least it is a totally different way to look at decorating a Christmas tree. That’s certainly refreshing and it must have been a nice Rhino job.

Good luck with your project!

(Brian James) #3

Nice mustachioed cyclops! I’ve always wanted to say that.