shader2DArray support in GhGL?

Hi, thanks for all the great work on GhGL. I’m new to the Graphics pipeline, but what I’m looking to do is stack a set of images in the z dimension (for example: imagine coloring a volume of pixels with a stack of images). I think I want to use the shader2DArray? Alternatively is there a way to load shader2D with a list? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I’m not quite sure what a shader2dArray is. Do you have a set of bitmaps that you are trying to work with?

Thanks for the prompt reply Steve! Yes, I’d like to load a varying number (x) of bitmaps into the gl shader component. Then depending on the vertex.z value of the component, extract a color from the two nearest bitmaps in the stack (for example at a constant UV, when z=0 pull the color value from bmp[0], z=1 pull the color value from bmp[1]. z=0.5, tween the color value between bmp[0] and bmp[1]).

This sounded like what I was looking for… I think…(this is all pretty new for me).