Setting a group for geometry

2 problems:

The flow works nearly as expected.
For the input geometry I can set a single object.
In my case it is a line.
When I add additional points the line vanishes from the result.
I can’t imagine what I do wrong.

In the end I need the results listed with all data.
In this case the points, they shall go to Excel.
How can I achieve that?

Thanks for ideas!

GH_Question.3dm (83.1 KB) Test (10.0 KB)

No idea what I do wrong?
Regardless how I set the objects, I see the line in the output only if it is the sole object.

You need to add a group component to group it and ungroup to take the points out.

Test (12.6 KB)

Thank you very much for the hints.
It was not obvious for me that I need to group a group…
…now I understood.
Thanks again.