Point groups/ list item configuration

Hi, I am running into some trouble here, I think this is a data list issue but still. I don’t find any way to make it work as I expect. I am using the group point component to … group a set of curves that it is attached to. I am then trying to use the “indices” output of the “point groups” to apply teh specific organization. However, I can’t even seems to be able to get back the input organization by using a list item component and the inserted points. I highlighted where the problem is located, considering that I need to keep this organization and can’t flattent the overall system. the organisation doesn’t go back to the right place and I am losing point.
I think I am confortable with the list logic but this is a simple issue I couldn’t find anything about on the forum

Thank you if you can help
Point groups bug.gh (14.1 KB)