SetPt Command Shortcut Problem

Hi! Recently I’ve been using quite a lot SetPt Command, so I decided to asign a specific alias for each cordinate, so I don’t have to press the different checkboxes. I used the - to be able to modify this command without recurring to the Dialogue Box. The problem is that sometimes if I use one of these three custom commands, it seems to be changing the previous setting, so instead of just “moving” in one coordinate, it picks one extra undesired coordinate. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

This is the Macro I set up by the way:

-SetPt _pause _XSet=Yes _YSet=No _ZSet=No

Hi Manuel - the problem arises when one of your settings results in all three momentarily being set to No - so make sure that in the macros the first setting is always a Yes, it does not matter if XYZ are out of order.



Thank you so much Pascal. Problem solved!!!

Thanks for that info, didn’t realize that! --M