Set a single letter as a short cut?

Sketchup’s Measure command is T (TapeMeasure). I’ve been able to set this in other software I use to make it consistent. Is there any way I can set “T” to be the short cut for my Measure Distance command? I use this non-stop in my packages, and I’m constantly hitting it when working in Rhino. Being able to assign T to the measure command would help me immensely.

Hello - aliases in Rhino require an Enter to work - see Options > Aliases page.


Got it.

you could in fact use T alone without the need of enter or space, for anything you want it to do by defining it in the commands itself, at least on mac, sorry if not true on pc. downside would be that all commands starting with t would be not reachable over the command line, which are besides text and trim not many which one may need often, if you shortcut those important ones either then no problem, but better use alt t.

Wish: Currently, Space and Enter (as well as a right-mouse click) will both invoke the last used command. Is not it possible to set Space to act one of the following?

  1. Pressing the Space key will turn the letter keys into single-press commands (such like: W = maximize viewport, F = fullscreen, R = right view, F = front view, L = left view, K = back view, P = perspective, O = orthographic view, A = select all, E = zoom extents, Z = zoom selected, S = show points, Q = object properties, M = layer manager, etc). This will function only for the first key that’s pressed after Space. The key letters pressed afterwards will again work as usual, invoking the commands that start with the same letter.
  2. Pressing the Space key will do the opposite function, i.e. the first letter key that’s pressed after Space will invoke the commands whose name starts with the same letter. If space is not pressed, then the letter keys function as single-press commands by default all the time.

Being able to switch between these two options will make every Rhino user happy.