Serious V6 bug with display conduit DrawObject and transform

@stevebaer, @jeff,

i have a script written in V5 using a display conduit which does not run as expected in V6. My conduit draws an existing object (brep or mesh) using a special transform like below, and it culls all other objects in the doc while it draws:

 e.Display.DrawObject(self.MyObj, self.XForm)

I do not want to apply that transform to the object itself, the object is only drawn transformed while the conduit runs. Compared to V5, where i can still access self.MyObj to get eg. the bounding box, i see that in V6, things changed drastically. If i query the bounding box while the conduit runs, it returns the bounding box as it appears in the conduit and not the bounding box of the original object. This did not happen in V5.

Since i also do other things and eg. shoot rays on self.MyObj in order to display the results in the conduit, they all miss the object which is a serious problem. Changing the code to run in V5 and V6 would be quite painful.

Could you tell why this changed and if this can be still fixed in V6 ?


So the RhinoObject itself is getting transformed? That would be a bug and not intentional.

Hi @stevebaer,

thank you for the quick reply. Yes, the rhino object gets transformed while the conduit runs. I am glad this is not supposed to happen.


Hi @clement,

I’m not seeing this. This sample (still) works as expected:

Can you provide a sample that demonstrates this behavior?

– Dale

Hi @dale, i am using python so cannot test above. The script(s) i have here have 6K and 3K lines of code, i’ll try to reproduce it with a simpler example.

Edit: I am not able to reproduce it with a reduced example and try to investigate what else could have caused this in V6…

Hi @dale and @stevebaer, above issue can be marked as handled i guess.

It looks like that i have made one transform myself before i sent the object to the conduit. In V5, this somehow was not affecting the object sent to the conduit but in V6 it was. I have no idea why. The solution was to make a duplicate of the objects geometry which now works with both Rhino versions.

thank you,