Separate lines from arcs

I´m trying to separate lines from arcs. It works fine -most times- with “create set” and “dispatch”, but in some cases I run into trouble. When there are lines, arcs AND circles, this method is not working at all.

i use this method:

arc & (8.1 KB)

for circles:

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An alternative to solution from Seghier khaled I often use is just to connect to a ‘Circular Arc’ component. It will complain (turns red) because it fails to convert anything that is not arc-like or circular but its not a problem, it still provides the arcs or circular curves as an output. If I then need to get rid of the null items I just use clean tree.


You don’t even need to use python script: (17.2 KB)


you can also use Putterfish Arc/Circle/Ellipse

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There is also “Is Arc/Circle/Elliipse”

But keep in mind this test is geometry based, not text based. For instance an arc and a circle are also types of ellipse and a circle is a type of arc.


late but infallible, if you’re okay with being ‘wrong-but-fast’:
quickndirty.ghx (236.6 KB)

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I will try these suggestions, one after another.