Send recorded geometry to a database

I am not sure if my question seems reasonable, I’m running many simulations on a big number of inputs (something like 6000) and each one returns group of geometries, so I guess by the last simulation the file will be so heavy due to the recorded data, is it possible to store that geometry one by one in something like a database which I can use later and also delete the record when it is already stored in that database?

I am not sure I understand exactly what you need, but I can guess.

If you are looking to distribute a large complicated project across a distributed network “database” so that only intermediate records need to be updated, I would use Elefront . If you want to see how large a project that is possible see the Macau hotel project

Or if you are looking at balancing multiple design options, use design explorer

Thank you for your reply!
Actually I am creating a dataset out of these simulations, so I am inputting 6000 different inputs and get 6000 outputs to create the dataset out of them. What I need is instead of storing these outputs-as geometries not numbers yet- in the gh file, I want to store them in an external database so the file shouldn’t be very heavy by the end of simulations.

Design Explorer is setup to allow an easy way to navigate thru the 6000 results. Here is a live example to play with:

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