SelU only on visible points

Hey, is it possible to SelU select only the visible points? While the hidden points remain unselected?

Is there command for this?

Because currently when I use SelU, the points im hiding still got selected

Thank you!

SelU/SelV command selects control points. These can never be hidden. They may be behind other objects, and therefore not visible, but the can’t be hidden (for example with the Hide command).

Sometimes the SelVisible command can help, but it does not seem to work on control points.

Hi Menno- HidePt will hide ‘on’ control points; ShowPt will show them again ( or turn off and back on). CullControlPOlygon will also hide some surface and mesh control points in particular view directions.


is this possible to be done via custom plugin script??

Wow, I learn something new every day about Rhino :smile:

Hi pipi- I do not see a good way to do this.




Then on every points selected, check if it’s hidden, remove from selection. Plugin like this is impossible? Basically I need SelU not to choose the hidden points, of course I can do manually “AddNextU” but it can be tedious especially when there’s so many control points.