Is it possible to hide selected points from point cloud scan?

Is it possible to hide selected points from the point cloud scan?

Hi Marcin -

Not with the Hide command. You’ll need to use clipping planes to hide the parts of the cloud that are in your way.

Thanks. I know how to clip points but selecting and hiding/isolating points would be faster. I hope that more and more old Rhino mesh/surface features will work with point clouds in the future. It would be nice if work over 3d scans (meshed and point clouds) would have some love in Rhino 8.

Hello- in a sort back handed way, you can do this if the point cloud is not too massive:

Turn on points for the point cloud… you’ll see a ‘grip’ or control point per point. Select the ones to hide and HidePt, then turn off the points. ShowPt to show them again. Turning on control points for a large point cloud may be the bottleneck…


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