Selling Licenses?

I’d like to sell a license for Rhino V5, but:

  • Is it legal to sell a license for Rhino (here)?
  • Is McNeel transferring licenses, so that the person buying is officially the licensee?
  • Is transfering licenses free or is there a fee?

Hi Marcus,
According to 2012 EU Court of Justice’s decision it is legal to resell used software licence, if that’s your case. :slight_smile:
More info here and on google.


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McNeel policy allows you to sell/transfer commercial (not educational) licenses for free. They have a license transfer form to fill out, contact for more info.


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I have found Rhino 6.10 offered on eBay for a very attractive price.
A seller assurés of deactivation of the licence which is not used anymore on any machine.

There is a money back warranty in case of the activation failure.

Is it safe to purchase this from that source?

I presume in case of a fortune purchase I would be able to transfer the licence to my Rhino account?
Is it right?

Thank you in advance for any elucidation.

Perhaps on this forum there is a place where there are some reselling offers?

To transfer a commercial license, you need to fill out an official license transfer form and have it signed by both parties. Contact to get the form. McNeel will also check the validity of the existing license and that it indeed is registered to the person selling it. This is very important, because otherwise you may not be able to validate the license when you install.

Thank you very much for the clarification.

Finally I got the precision of the mentioned seller (eBay) It has been a fraud.
He/she has been offering a portable, reactivated version.

Hi! Is the license still available?