SelLast lags behind

  1. SelLast often works on the second try.
  2. When I bake two separate components in grasshopper _SelLast recognizes them as one and selects both.
  3. I would consider enhancing SelLast command to work with selection filters.

Hello - can you reproduce this in plain Rhino with no plug-in?


Hello Pascal,

Well, It seems that I can’t.
I am using Elefront plugin to bake (Bake Object component) and it looks that it is because of the plugin.
However, my last point is still actual, maybe some on/off toggle option inside command to switch between ignoring/using filters.

Is Elefront maker active on this forum? What is his/her name?

Hello - the elefront support email is
I do not know if they have any one looking at this forum, or, more likely, GH or Developer.


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