SelLast issue

Rather often, when calling SelLast, more than just the latest addition to the geometry database is selected. Very often this happens with text and I’ll try to post repeatable instances in the future. As for now; create a rectangle, select it, hatch it. Deselect all and call SelLast. Both the hatch and the rectangle will be selected.

Hi Wim,

Please check if you have -SelLast DeselectOthersBeforeSelect=No in your startup commands, or in the command macro.
According to the source code comments that option was added specifically for you on January 4th 2005, and only to the scriptable version of SelLast and SelPrev, so most likely not very many others use it.

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Hi Mikko,
the only cmd in my startup commands is _testToggleRoundPoints and I haven’t modified SelLast in the Aliases list.

Typing sel in the search box of the Settings Editor doesn’t show anything related as far as I can tell.

Hmmm… That shows just how little I remember :grin: When you mention that I vaguely remembered bringing this command option up earlier this year. Searching Discourse is a piece of cake though: Settings Editor (but I don’t recall much of 2005;-)

But that is about something else, no? When I have selected something when I call this command, I want the outcome to be appended to my current selection. All good. What I’m talking about here is when I have nothing selected, SelLast not only selects the last selected item but also something that was created one or two steps before that.

OK, I see this now. It’s related to the automatic points on feature. I have it turned off in my debug build so I couldn’t repeat the problem.

The fix should be in a near future WIP. Let me know if it still acts weird. For the time being you can turn off “Turn on control points when selecting a curve or annotation” at Tools->Options->Mouse to make it work like it used to.

Thanks Mikko. I’ll shout if I see something like this in the next WIP.

I have encountered “selection of older stuff” many times in RH5 and older as well, but as far as I recall that only had to do with text objects - I suppose that is an entirely unrelated issue. Has that been placed on the radar?

Nope, or at least I can’t find it. I can imagine something similar could happen if something edits the object attributes outside a command. Object properties dialog does it, but it already includes the fix I added to automatic pointson.

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In V5, for example, I have some curves (made using TextObject) that I then use Flow to flow them from a line to a curve, with a copy and History on. After deselecting all and hitting SelLast, both the original curves and the flowed curves select; I would expect that only the newly created copy should select. Have not tried in V6.