Example of selprev?

i’ve never figured out how to use this in a macro, does anyone have an example of it working to share?

Yes it seems weird because selast is a command. But the named icon command is sel last created which makes more sense. Sel previous does not have to do with creation order rather it is the last object or objects “you selected”. So if you have two objects and select one of them then deselect sel previous will select that object/s. Also if you use a sellast and then deselect and use selprevious it will select the selast item since that was the last item selected.

I’ve used it for selecting where I loose the selection sometimes it works for preselection, if a command is canceled like say you loft but cancel and then for some reason deselect your curves, using selprevious you can quickly select them again and run the loft command.

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thank you, now it’s not as confusing, i thought it was supposed the select the 2nd to last creation.

That’s exactly what I thought too and was even trying in scripts to make it work like that. I think the command is wrongly named, should be sellastselected or something other than selprevious.

very confusing, the documentation isn’t that good either