Map to cage?

I am generating a series of objects in 2d that need to be cage edited into a 3d object. Is there a way to “project” each object into a single existing cage? Do I have to cage edit each object separately?

What are the 2D objects - curves, surfaces, ???

What kind of 3D shape do you want?

Are you aware of the various Extrude commands including ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf?

Can you provide an illustration or an example .3dm file. Images and files can be uploaded using the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

How much experience do you have with Rhino?

I would say FlowAlongSrf might help here, you could flow a series of 2D elements using a planar surface derived from their bounding box to a new 3D surface (the same target surface for all). But yeah, as David says, without seeing the project it’s hard to tell.

Otherwise it sounds like a project for Grasshopper…

I have a lot of experience with rhino. I am creating two dimensional tree-like shapes that I am bending into the shape of a ring. Each tree is algorithmically generated. Right now I am using flow along surface to map it from a flat shape to the ring shape. Can I use a cage edit and map one object onto another cage so I don’t have to re-bend each cage?

Hello - you can re-use cages - run ReleaseFromCage on the previous object and then CageEdit on the next one, choosing the same cage each time- they’ll be deformed according to the cage shape.


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