Selection highlight of high-poly meshes grind the computer to unusable state

Hi Mcneel team
It would be so helpful [for those of us with humble/oldish computers]
to find a more reasonable way to highlight hi density meshes.
please see the image below

just one imported ring [4.5 mil poly] and every edge is highlighted just to let me know it is selected…!
So the computer get impossibly unresponsive [and I’m not attempting to edit the mesh in rhino! in any way. only try to check some measurements.]
Please give us an option to only highlight the outlines of selected meshes? Lots of other apps use that approach. current approach is good for low poly, so it is of course valid, Just please kindly add an option.

thanks a lot

Don’t know if it can solve your problems but you could try to make a custom display mode starting from “pen” or “artistic”.
An example of what I use:
Tratto_Grosso_Ciano.ini (12.8 KB)

Hi Akash -
The request is on the list (RH-31739), but, for the time being, have you tried using the Shade-highlight selected meshes setting in the Options > Display Modes > [your mode] > Objects > Selection section?
I just tested that here on my old MacBook Air with a 6M mesh and that is noticeably faster.

Lucio -

A display mode based on the Technical pipeline will add its own set of display meshes to the scene and possibly will hurt even more…

Ah, ok.
I thought that not displaying the mesh vertices could be better (like when we turn off the isocurves for polisurfaces).
Btw, exporting the .ini configuration turned my custom display mode into “shaded” style… for example, the “silhouettes” checkbox isn’t there…
Is there a way to associate it again to Technical pipeline or I have to rebuild it from the beginning? (don’t find the “pipeline” setting…)

Thanks Wim
it is better with that setting.

with best regards

It possibly can but I suppose that it depends on many things.

Is this on Windows or on Mac?

You’ll have to rebuild it - that setting is not available.


Ok, would be good to have a way to start from shade mode and turn it into technical…
I’ll rebuild from the beginning… :frowning:

I’m afraid the plan is that those display modes will disappear when the regular pipeline is able to create “technical” displays. There won’t be any work on a tool to convert between these existing pipelines.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue so that there might be a chance that it gets fixed. Do you have any specific steps that you recall?

Nothing… I was only looking at the display options and after that decided to export the .ini file… after exporting the pipeline changed.
The ini file is the one in the previous message.
I’m looking if I can reproduce.

@wim made some tests… seems that the technical pipeline “crashes” at some point and turns into standard mode.
Can’t reproduce the procedure… sometimes it happens when changing ambient color or object color, another time I selected the “objects” tab and clicked “ok” without changing any setting…
At the moment it seems stable, I’ve edited multiple times the display mode but it saves without problems…
Attached two display mode that are similar to the one previously sent.
Toons_Color.ini (12.9 KB) Toons_Cyan.ini (12.9 KB)