Selection filter by color?

Is there a way to achive something like the selection filter but filtering for color?
I like the idea to colour code objects and use the selection filter to organize.

Hi Norbert - you can use SelColor to select by color.

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Hi Wim.
Yeah, I know that.
What I was after was to manipulate (by color) what I am able to select.

Hi Norbert - you are looking for a general filter, correct? Like the one for object types? So you could set say, Curves in one and Red in the other and from then on you could only select red curves until you make a change - is that the idea?


Working with complex models in ghosted viewport, this would make for a very handy “color-coded” workflow
Ideally it would be a toolbar/panel like the regular selection filter.
But it was just an idea, nice to have and play with. nothing essential.