Selecting objects by volume

Does anybody know how can I select objects by volume? Is this possible at all?

Not by default AFAIK, but this could definitely be scripted.

OK! Thanks! I’am not very good scripting guy but I think I have to try.

Hi Vahur,
Try this one.
It will select the closest closed object according to your required volume value. (1.9 KB)

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This is an interesting script. Is there anyway it could be modified to run the command, select a object and it will select all other objects on the screen with the same volume?

Hi Ryan,

Download the script attached below. It will require: the selection of an object (which has target volume), then the selection of all the other object which will be taken into account, and finally a tolerance value.
For example, if your selected target object has a volume of 100 m3, and you entered a tolerance of 10, then all objects with volume of 90 to 110 will be selected).

To call the python script from an alias, [check this explanation] (Script OneLayerOff) (“Procedure 2”). (2.6 KB)


That’s great, I appreciate you modifying / making a new script.
Thank you

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