Selecting Fillet edges error

Hi, I’ve discovered that when you are making a fillet on edges, and you accept the selection. Then, when still in the fillet action you choose to deselect some edges and again re-select them with a different radius, they will always keep going back to the value you gave them when you first selected them.

Basic selection, I noticed radius 4 didn’t look good on the bottom-right side so I wanted to change it

De-selecting edges


Accepted settings and went back into main menu for the Fillet settings.

Select the edges again with new Radius 1 value

After accepting the selection, it reverts to Radius 4 for those edges?

Yup saw this yesterday as well. Was able to eventually get the change to take but can’t remember exactly what I did to get it to work.i think I had to toggle the preview checkbox and double click the handles em points. Even though it was a single edge I had to set both ends of the segments handles to get it to hold the same value.

I also had some flakiness in chain edges where I could not get it out of the chain edges dialog series where it didn’tatter if I clicked the done button or hit enter (either the return or enter keys) it would go right back into select next edge in chain and I eventually had to cancel out completely and start the selection process over from scratch. This happened a few times in various areas of the object. Never saw this behavior previously.

Hi Marinus- I see this - it looks like you need to exit the Select Edges with the edge deselected, and then SelectEdges again and then add that edge back. However. There is no need to jump through so many hoops to change a radius…you can simply click on a radius ‘handle’ and enter the radius you like to change it - no need to go through ‘Select Edges’ at all, if I understand what you are doing.


Hi Pascal, this is exactly what I’m demonstrating here. I deselect the edges, then confirm so that I’m back in the main menu for Fillet. Then I go back into the edge selection tool and select the edges again with a new value set into the box, all seems right, as the preview now shows that it will do a 1mm radius on the edge. However, after confirming this time, the command sets the edges back to the previous value of 4mm on those edges.

Hm - I was able to get them to change by exiting ‘select edges’ after deselecting. Nonetheless, that is not the way to get there… you can change the handles directly. I don’t know if what I am seeing is a bug really… but I do not think I am reproducing what you describe either. I’ll poke at it some more.