Can't select edges to fillet


I’m trying to fillet edges and it went well until I saved the project, and now I can’t fillet anything even though I try to duplicating edges and/or rebuild edges.

Any idea of how I can resolve this?

Have in mind that I am a pure newbie in Rhino and have basically no prior experience in 3d modelling.

Thanks in advance!

Please see file attached.
Platform-ring-draft3.3dm (2.7 MB)

FilletEdge only lets you select Joined edges.
FilletSrf only lets you select Unjoined edges.

just select all and use Join. you must´ve somehow exploded the object after/during filleting.

Ok! Thanks a lot for the clarification. Didn’t really get the result I was looking for though.

I mean, it was possible to do the fillet edge command before, but now it just stopped working.

That did the trick! Thanks for the help!

Your model has been Exploded, meaning none of the surfaces are Joined together so FilletEdge will not work. There are no Joined surface edges so nothing will select.

I’d strongly recommend you stop and spend the time to go through the tutorials in the User’s Guide, so you get a good understanding of the NURBS surface modeling process.

Noted! I’ve read through some of the documentation already but couldn’t really find why this wasn’t working due to my lack of experience (what to look for). I’ll read up more and try not to ask these amateur questions :slight_smile:

Ask away. I just think you would progress faster following through a progressive set of tutorials.

We fully expect you to have questions along the way, and that’s what this resource is for.

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