Select without highlighting?

Hi all,

I am making a quick video showing how a part will rotate. The problem is, the part remains highlighted while the rotate command is active, and I need the material properties (Auxpecker) to be visible during the video. Is there any way to disable the highlighting of selected objects?



Not that I know of.
This is the sort of thing Bongo was developed for.

Can’t you just use the ‘turntable’ command?

I was REALLY hoping I wouldn’t have to use Bongo (last time I nearly ripped my hair out). Turntable doesn’t provide the motion I need - only part of the model is rotating on an axis…

The tutorials are getting pretty good now that V2 is out:

See if this helps do what you need…
First choose to shade selections in the display mode properties with this option,

Then change the color selections become here… I think gray is the best option with the default layer color.

Have you tried the new bongo 2.0 yet? Its a bit better. Nice for simple rotations.

I know its not a great solution, but maybe changing the color of selected objects will help? Change it to black and at least it doesn’t stick out like the default yellow.

Hi all,

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll try these.