Select parent object with History automatically when selecting child

Hi everybody,

I’m aware of he commands _SelParents and _SelChildren in Rhino, both do work, but …

I would to have all the objects - parents and child - selected when I click on a object within a view.

For now, when I can create a curve and extract a solid from it, I can’t move the created solid because the curve is the parent (with all History options enabled).

Wouldn’t it be nice to select automatically all the objects, solid and curve, when I click on the solid, without having to invoke the command _SelParents ?

Any idea on how to accomplish that ?

Thanks for your answers.

That is not currently possible, no.
Can you describe what problem such feature would solve?

Well, in the situation I have described, when I select the solid, I cannot move it, because he is locked to his parent curve. I must first run the command _SelParents to select the curve and move the curve instead.
I thought it would be easier if the selection takes both objects at one time,since they are locked together, wouldn’t such a feature make sens ?

I still don’t see what it would solve. You cannot select the child and so you simply select the curve and do what you want. Why would you want to select the child?

Try turning off “Lock Children” in the history panel? --Mitch