Would it be possible to get a toggle for selecting objects with history?

I don’t like that Rhino only tells me that I’ve broken the history on an object after the fact, because now I have to undo and cancel my selection and figure out what objects have history enabled and then re-do the selection (yes, I know about the select history command, but I’d really need a de-select history command).

Primarily, I’d love a more intelligent history result (like, if ALL objects that are involved in generating the history is involved in the operation, perhaps skip performing it on those objects and simply update the history instead), but I’m not holding my breath for that.

A quick fix could perhaps instead be this:

Avoiding breaking History dependencies on “Children” is the idea behind the “Lock Children” option in the Status Bar History button.

There is also the SelChildren tool that prompts you to select the “Parent”.

Thanks for pointing that out, but two things:

  • That was a well hidden option. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • It has to do with selection, yet it’s hidden under the recording button.

How come McNeel didn’t think it was a better fit where I drew it in my post?

Decisions like that are above my pay grade. I suspect it was tested out in a WIP development cycle, and what you see met with the most support.
I do remember we had lots of discussions over it.

Hehe :slight_smile:

Now I have to figure out how to remember where it’s hidden, because I couldn’t find a command line function name for it to put it in my own toolbar, and it’s two clicks to both activate and deactivate rather than one… those clicks add up and I already have RSI…

They are all command line options in the “history” command.
Rhino history settings ( Record=No Update=Yes Lock=No BrokenHistoryWarning=Yes RecordAnnotationHistory=Yes ):