Select items

Hello, I have a long list and I want to choose items larger than a specific number and extract them to a new list. also, I want to remove branches from num 0 to 6 for every 23 branches repeatedly. How can I do this?

Internalise numbers and post the file.

Here you are @Piotr
Actually, I want to select items between a range (300to2000).
thank you (13.5 KB)

I’m not sure what you’re asking for.
You have 969 branches,9 item each. There is no 300-2000 item range unless I flatten the whole list.

Do you need items 300-2000 from the flattened list?

Perhaps something like this?

The A output of Dispatch and the output of Cull Pattern are the same.

Empty branches can be removed with the Clean Tree component if desired.


You got it first… The question was about values 300-2000 :-).
Clear message matters.

The second part of your question.

I’m interpreting this as meaning that you want to eliminate the first 6 hours of each day from some sort of hourly data.

Something like this: (16.2 KB)


I think Ladybug have a component to choose period? (21.7 KB)