Select items in a list

I have a list that every 16 branches form one workday, for example, branch 0 to 15 is the first day, 16 to 31 is the second day, and …).
And each item in a branch is a sensor grid to measure illuminance level. Is there any way to extract items that are between 300 to 2000 for more than 435 times?
For example in branch number 2 (9 o’clock), sensor point number 7 receives 307, I want to know if this sensor point receives a level of illuminance between 300 to 2000 lux in at least 435 times in other days or not.
I will appreciate if any one help me to do that. (18.4 KB)

If I understand your description right, you could use Flip Matrixto sort the illuminance values of each censor and as you can see, there are no censors that have more than 435 times among 9 censors… (24.5 KB)

Thank a lot @HS_Kim
That is what i want.