Select individual points from shift list

Dears, Please clarify…

  1. How do i select specific point from list. Like i need to select 2, 5, 8.
  2. I do not want 0 at starting point of number. how can i start number from 1.

List numbers & selection (7.9 KB)

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Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your reply. Can please help on this as well, how to start the numbers from 1. I don’t want 0 at starting point.


In computer programming, you conventionally start counting from 0. This is why Grasshopper list indexing is also 0-based and the Points (“Points List”) component starts enumerating from 0 as well.

If you want to start from one, you could use a Tag (“Text Tag”) component instead, and show each list index incremented by 1.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 07.56.30

The size of the tags can be varied by right-clicking on the component. (6.9 KB)

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Hi… Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.