Select closed curves by area

I am trying to select closed curves by their area value. I can get to a list of areas but cannot figure out how to then select only the curves that have an area over a certain number (9).

Includes component.

Simply plug your list of areas into the A input of a Larger Than component. Make a slider with your desired maximum area value (i.e. 9) and plug that into the B input. The Larger Than now outputs True or False statements for each area value from the list of areas.
Plug your list of curves into the L input of a Cull Pattern component and, either the bigger than “>” or the bigger than or equal to “>=” output of your Larger Than component, into the P input of Cull Pattern.
What remains are the curves, with areas bigger than your desired value.

Next time, try to provide a definition to make answering faster and your problems easier to comprehend.

Thank you that worked!

What do you mean by definition?

A Grasshopper file is sometimes referred to by “definition”.