Select by color


I’d like to ask you, how to select geometry by its color. I attach a screenshot from my node network.


So you’ve assigned colours to Grasshopper geometry and now want to filter some objects out of that list?
Or do you have coloured objects in Rhino that you want to import?

I’ve assigned colours to Grasshopper geometry with random and item node and then I would like to filter the objects by its colours. I need this, because I want to add Archicad nodes and properties to each colours. I’ve tried with data trees but no success.

Upload your file than it should br easy to help you. If you colored them with the random component you already have the item Indexes from the different colors

Here is my files:

For this, need Archicad Grasshopper live connection. But for me, it is good too that I can select points based on the color randomness. Thank you very much for the help. (1.8 MB)

Is this what you want? (26.4 KB)


Thank you very much! This is what I exactly would like to do. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a similar problem where I want to choose geometry from Rhino either by colour or by layer.

components :


This worked.

Thank you.

Thanks for your hint ,it assists me a lot .

cannot find RefByColor in Rhino8 Elefront?

Indeed it’s gone, same for the latest version for R7.

I guess either you could save the colors as key/value user attributes, or filter stuff based on color selection.