WISH: SelSame, A Better Version of SelDup

Continuing the discussion from Wish compressed file:

This wish may also help with the Compressed File wish

SelDup only finds literal copies of each other, and not objects that are geometrically and spatially identical. A matching algorithm that would find geometrically identical objects would be a godsend. Two ways this would be beneficial. A) not storing geometrically duplicate objects in a file, just their spatial and meta attributes. B) Find geometrically similar objects and convert them to blocks, edit definition, update all block instances, explode them.

I have made wish requests for Blocks before. They are great, but have their challenges as well. Sometimes I don’t use them because I can’t see them changing and kick myself later. There is no way to update a group of identical objects without deleting them and re-array or re-flowing them.

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Here is a start I made on some of this stuff, I have a bunch of ideas to do more with this, but unfortunately my scripting time is running out for this semester - things are already getting rather crunchy…


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