Section Text Suddenly Overscaled

Suddenly all the text on my sections enlarged by a factor of about 36. To get it to display at 18" in model space, I’ve had to set to 1/2". I was modelling at the time of the change, not consciously altering scaling in any way. Options>Units and other dimension and text-related items are still working.

Hi David,

This could happen if you open a file that was saved with an old version of VisualARQ. Old versions of VisualARQ had a bug and model text scaling was not took into account.

VisualARQ objects use the “Annotation style” in the style attributes. If no “Annotation style” is selected, the current annotation will be used (the one in bold in the annotation style list). Just create a text object using this text style and check if if has the save text size as the space one.

If you think there is a bug, please send me the model to so I can take a look.