Section Symbols

Hi All,

Do we have a comprehensive method for creating section symbols that are labeled? Our current workflow involves putting text on top of the va_section object, however the objects don’t necessarily want to stay together, creating all kinds of issues down the line.

For example:

The red is the VA section object, with default circle style symbol. The black part is two text objects and a line we use to mark the page and drawing number.

Ideally, we’d be able to define that as a property of the section instead of have to just drop text on the top of the symbol.

Does anyone have some guidance here? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi @Clayton_Muhleman, right now it is not possible with VisualARQ to define those texts automatically aligned inside that section label mark, and link them with the drawing number and page.
I hope we can develop this section label further to meet these requirements.

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Hi @fsalla,

Yes! I figured it wasn’t possible to define it automatically quite yet, but how about manually?

It’d be great to be able to update the text on the section label manually as a property of the section label. IE; similar to how Attribute User Text functions.

Here’s a mockup:

We need to be able to label our sections by their page number and drawing number in order to communicate it’s position in our drawing sets.

We can almost do that with the current setup, but because the text and line dividing the circle/arrow block are not a part of the block, they frequently don’t display properly (they lose their XYZ coordinate or draw order in relation to the section object).

If we could hold that text object inside the section and define it manually as a property of the object, we’d be in perfect shape. This is similar to how door and window tags operate. This would be a dream.