Search in .3dm files by Layer name

I was wondering if there is a way to look for a .3dm file that contains a layer name. Example: 10 .3dm files in which in one there is a layer called “test”. Can I find the .3dm file that contains the “test” layer with some research? (without opening all 10 files and searching for it manually)
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Any ideas for this?

You could write a python script (or C# plugin) that traverses the entire file-system, building a list of 3dm files and then you could run Audit3dmFile and search for the layer name in question.

Thanks really Dan, but it’s out of my capacity.

Well, it might make a good first project! I always find that learning to program with a real project is the way to go.

Could you with RhinoCommon RhinoFileIO read in a file with FileObj.Read() and then get the file’s layers with File3dmLayerTable? You would have to do this from inside Rhino however I guess…


I will definitely think about it

Thanks Mitch.
I try to deepen your advice. The search I have to do it on all the .3dm files on the Mac, otherwise I do not need much.