Script Launcher Script?

has anyone made a python script that does somthing like :

call the script then it will show a list of all the scripts in such&such folder…
click the one you want and it runs.


i have about 25 scripts… some are used rarely so i forget the macros/shortcuts they’ve been assigned (if any)…
so when i need to use the script, i have to go to the folder to remember what it’s called etc…

would be neat to be able to browse (and launch) the scripts from within rhino while allowing me to forget about them until the exact moment i need them… (if that makes any sense :wink: )


_runpythonscript :wink:

haha… holy moly

i forgot i even have a sidebar shortcut (mac) for use in the runPythonScript open dialog in case it doesn’t browse the exact folder i’m wanting it to.

also forgot i have a keystroke for only runPythonScript (as opposed to RunPythonScript particularScript)

serious brain fart there.

thank you!