Run scripts on Windows Rhino

I am used to using Atom & Rhino to run scripts on my Mac.

Wondering best way to run scripts on windows. The 2 colleagues on Windows machines tell me it is bit convoluted to run python scripts. Is this true ?

The best way to run scripts quickly on Windows … anyone?

Thanks «Randy

No more convoluted than regular Rhinoscripts (vb) and less complex than Atom/Mac…

One: Open the Python script editor with _EditPythonScript. Load your script. Run it with the “Run” button

Two: Make a toolbar button with

! _-RunPythonScript (  
<paste script here>

Three: Store the script somewhere. Make an alias or toolbar button:

!_ -RunPythonScript pathtoscript

Four: Set a path to a scripts folder from inside the Python script editor. Store your script(s) there.
Make an alias or toolbar button:

! -_RunPythonScript scriptfilename

You can have multiple paths stored in the editor, the folder can be named anything you want.

Five: There are several other ways…


(geez, sometimes I HATE discourse formatting, it’s so lame…)

Thanks Mitch,

This is only what I was told, I have written some scripts for us to use and the Windows people tell me they have to ‘Click’ too may times. So I was asking for a simple workflow.

I think the toolbar button idea will work great for them.

Young kids, set in their ways … :grimacing:

Yeah, the question was surprising to me, as it’s generally much easier to run scripts in Rhino in Windows - due to the built-in script editor, the ability to store script files where you please and ease of making toolbar buttons - than it is on Mac Rhino.