Script Editor Component Preview

I am trying to create a component using the context components in Grasshopper and the new script editor in Rhino 8. Is there a way return the geometry from a component?

Currently, I see only two components to get an output out of the component.

  1. Context print
  2. Context bake

None of them will help in previewing result geometry.

The answer is yes. But can you send us what you have so far? Most of it should be automatic.

@Devang_Chauhan Context Print and Context Bake do not have a specific geometry type. The way to choose a specific parameter for output is to group a parameter and name it RH_OUT: <name> where <name> is the output parameter name. This way the published component will adopt that type.

Source Grasshopper definition:

The published component:

HOWEVER! :smiley: There is a bug related to previews that I have on my list to fix:

RH-79902 Published contextual component does not preview output geometry


I would love to know when preview is fixed. Very powerful abstraction.

Well this is cool! Thanks for sharing