Scene credits/lock

Hello there,

Is it possible in Rhinoceros v5 to add credits to a scene file and/or lock it for modifications or re-save?

Thank you

There is the ApplyWaterMark command.

Note that this command is removed in the next version of Rhino …

Also see:

Thank you wim, but as I understand this watermark, unless you check for it, is fully invisible, right?
I was more speaking of some kind of popup that shows when opening the scene, or some tag on the viewport(s) whatever is clearly visible to the person that opens the scene file that the content is not his.


I guess you are trying to avoid that somebody takes credit for something you designed. There isn’t anything that is watertight that will achieve that - short of not sharing.

Well no I would like the scene to show clear credits of the author/owner precisely for scenes sharing/redistribution. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

In that case, perhaps just writing your information in the notes is good enough?

Of course, the user will have to open the notes to see them. As far as I can tell, the open/closed status follows the Rhino application, not the 3dm document (though I recall reading @pascal saying something else a while back - perhaps one for the wish list?)

In file explorer, if the preview is on, when a 3dm file is selected the user will see a thumbnail but also the text in the notes.