Scammer's message on my comment wall

Hi. I just signed up to the grasshopper forums and within a day I received a message on my comment wall asking me to contact another member by email.
The message “appears” to be sent by a moderately attractive woman living in Berlin, called vanessa Herbert. Attention from a moderately attractive woman, completely out of the blue, should always wave a red warning flag. Real moderately attractive women have better things to do than hang around computer forums chatting up geeks. So googling away, found that it was indeed a scam.
Lonely hearts - just a warning not to reply to messages like this:
nice to meet you here my name is Vanessa i want you to contact me back through my email i have something very important i want to discuss with you

:wink: cheers, Cal

I cannot find a user with that name (possibly already deleted by some other admin?). Can you post a link to their user page?

Hi David
here it is - thanks!

I thought the old Grasshopper forum was dead…?

This tends to happen trough the old forum. It stopped for me once I changed some settings for the search engines. They change the accounts too. But send the same message. :smiley:

That forum is extinct.

Oh that forum. Right, I no longer really spend any time there.

Left that forum now. Seems odd that it let me sign up to a forum that was closed…

It’s not technically closed, there’s still subforums there for plugins and other groups. But maybe we should discourage people from signing up more.