Scaling problem import/export Ai-Rhino6

Hi Everybody,

Hope somebody can help me with the following:
I have a scaling problem with exporting/importing Ai files from and to Rhino6.
We used to use Rhino 4 and never have this problem.

If I draw a circle of 10mm in Rhino6, export it as an Ai file and open it with Illustrator CS6, the circle is still 10mm in Illustrator.

However, if I open/import the same Ai file in Rhino6 again the diameter suddenly is around 40mm.
If I open the same file with Rhino4, the diameter is around 10mm.
In both cases the diameter fluctuates +/- 0.4mm or so, but that is fine.

The problem is the major scaling up from 10 to 40mm.

I’ve put screenshots below of the various steps I’ve taken.

Drawing the 10mm ring.

Exporting the 10mm ring to Ai

opening the Ai file with illustratorcs6

importing the Ai file with Rhino6 again

the result of the imported Ai file.

Can somebody please help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.

Crealev team.

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I suffer from the same symptoms, too. Someone, Please help us!

Can you supply the file(s)? … without any example file to go off I’d say the page size limit in Illustrator is causing the problem.

I was able to solve the problem myself.
When saving data with Illustrator, uncheck “Use compression (M)”.