Scaling During Units Conversion

I have file in which the units were set to Feet. Then I changed to Inches to work on some details (and allowed Rhino to scale). Then I switched back to feet.

I find that some of the layers have everything in feet and some of the layers are unscaled are are 1/12th the size of what they were supposed to be.

Why do some layers scale and others do not?

Hi @bigjimslade-

Hrmmm. Sounds like a bug. I can’t seem to reproduce the behavior on my end. Can you reliably reproduce the behavior on your end? Can you provide steps to reproduce it?


Let me see if I can. I have encountered some per file bugs. Last night I was working on a file that would not allow me to do ExtrudeCrv. I closed Rhino. Restarted and still could not do it. I copied the contents to a new file and it worked.

I should have saved the file.

Problem Scaling.3dm (295.6 KB)
Here’s an example.

I have two block defined:

0 Stanchion
0 Stanchions

The first defines a shape of the stanchion. I created that while the units were inches.
The second defines the layout of a subset of the stanchions on the deck. That was done in feet.

At the origin I have a modified stanchion. If I select that and do and replace the “0 Stanchion” block definiton, the blocks within “0 Stanchion” shrink to 1/12 of their original size.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for attaching the file.

These block names are making this harder since they are so similar. I think in the above you mean:
"…and replace the “0 Stanchion” block definiton, the blocks within "0 Stanchions" shrink to 1/12 of their original size.

I was not able to reproduce your issue of the scaling with my method of updating the block using BlockEdit. I have attached a video with the steps.

I use the Insert command to insert a “0 Stanchion” block. Then I used the BlockEdit command and the Add Objects option to add the new polysurface to the block. Then I moved into the exact location, and deleted the old polysurface. All the “0 Stanchion” block in the “0 Stanchions” block updated properly. See the this video.

But the details of how you are replacing the block, are not clear to me. It would appreciate a QuickTime video to fill in all the details that I am missing. Or you can use my method that seems to work well.

Let me know if this works for you.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town.

This is what I was doing.

  1. Select the closed polysurface at the origin.
  2. Press
  3. Enter 0 as the base point
  4. Enter “0 Stanchion” as the block name.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. In response to do you want to replace, press Enter.

Then the Stanchion’s all shink

I can get what you did to work. Replacing the block causes rescaling. Editing it does not apparently.