Scaling broken and display conduits not drawing in SR16 ViewCapture methods

There are multiple problems with view capture methods in Rhino 6 SR 16 (6.16.19190.7001). I’m just noticing them now, so perhaps they are new bugs? (SR 15 or 16)

First, display conduits are not being drawn. Here is a grab of what’s actually on my screen:

And here is what ViewCaptureToFile (or Clipboard) produces:

Second, scaling is broken. When you scale to 2x, for example, the view is simply tiled (rather than scaled) to fit the new size:

This is presumably the same problem (and not my concern, since I’m accessing the methods from RhinoCommon) but the preview in the UI is also pretty useless, since it fails to scale down to a thumbnail:

Am I the only one experiencing this? I can try rolling back a couple releases to confirm that it’s not just my machine …


Hi Jon - here, my conduit is captured in in-house 6.18

( text dot and little green lines are conduit-drawn )

I’ll see how this works in 6.16.

Works… not sure what to suggest… did it work in the past ( I guess yes…)?


False alarm – it’s not the SR, my plug-in was causing it. Didn’t realize I had that kind of power :slight_smile: