View capture to file broken in artic mode (exports black)

I have just reinstall rhino and as my view capture to file is broken. In any other display mode it works but in artic mode (at scale 5000x2500) it exports a black image and very small. It was working well last week, same file, I have also tried to export bits to a new file and still not working.
Please help me as I need this urgently/

And then it seems like the file is completely broken ( rhino is working, showing my mouse cordinate and object selection etc but my viewport would freeze at artic, i would try and change to wireframe or other mode and rhino is functioning but the display would freeze on artic mode)
Now i tried to save the file out, this ia just 2 box on an empty file that I used as a tester, and reopen the file and it looks like this permanently now

please someone help me, i need help urgently
It was working a few days ago, i have done everything, reinstall, install an older version etc

Hello Bahnfun C,

Have you tried capturing it to the clipboard and then paste this into another application ?

hi, yes it captured and paste to black. It works fine last week with rhino 6.3
(i have tried to install that version but problem still persist)
I have captured like 15-20 views at 5000pixel last week
I honestly dont know what else it could be. Same file same laptop

Perhaps there is something corrupted within the file itself. Maybe try saving the file with a different file name to get a “fresh” version.

The file itself is fine. The problem is the Intel HD Graphics 620.