Scale geometries on Surface

Hello. I am trying to project cylinders to a surface. Until now, all cylinders are the same size, I would like them to shrink as the curve goes up and be elongate as the curve goes down.

Can someone please help me?

Not unless you post your code.

So the diameters stay the same and their length is shorter at the high points, longer in the valleys?

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Hello Joseph_Oster! Thanks for your reply. Yep, thats exactly what I need.

I’ll upload a simplified version of my rhino file as well as the grasshopper file.

Thank you!! (25.5 KB)
010218_CP.3dm (263.1 KB)

I hope the file was clear enough? Since I am new to grasshopper, sometimes I might do things more complicated than they should!


And it appears that some of the geometry parameters are not connected to this Rhino file?

I get the general idea and could hack something together but… meh. :roll_eyes:

Ok that is weird. The first curve in the grid is the rectangle, and the surface for the projection is a hexagon. Thats everything there is.
Do you have an idea which grasshopper command I could use to achieve this? you would really help me- please? :slight_smile:

Not gonna touch it. The problem needs to be defined much more clearly than what I see so far.

Ok thank you either way. I’ll keep trying I guess